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Plati’s Shelter Insurance Moves



After nearly six years at the same location, Steve Plati  picked up stakes and moved his Shelter insurance business.

It wasn’t exactly a cross-country trip, but Plati believes the short move was a big step for his operation.

Shelter moved from 10 Triangle Drive, next to H & R Block on the Highway 61 side of Triangle Drive, to 44 Triangle Drive, facing Highway 32.

“We were looking to expand the business, to grow from one office that has been in the back for quite some time,” Plati said. “Shelter was ready to move out to the front.”

Business has been good.

“We have grown it from all the support from the Ste. Gen. community – enough that we’ve been able to move from the back of triangle Drive to now the front corner of Triangle Drive, into a new office,” Plati said. “This is the Shelter Insurance clients’ office. It’s something to be proud of, for sure.”

Plati tries to return the support he has received in the community, by advertising locally and taking part in worthwhile local causes.

“That’s why I try to do as much as I can, in turn, for the community,” he said, “whether it’s being part of fundraisers or auctions. I try to give back.”