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U.S. Marshal’s Office offers rewards on 5 area fugitives

$5,000 REWARD Kelly McSean
aka Larry Bemboom
Kelly McSean, also known as Larry Bemboom
DOB: 10-30-1970
Ht: 5’9, Wt: 180Ibs
Has dentures
Brown eyes
McSean identifies as a female, his birth name is Larry Bemboom.
1649 Capital View Drive
Holts Summit, MO 65043
Here on charges from SORTS for knowingly committing violence on mental health employee.
SORTS charges:
Sexual Assault First Degree and Deviate Sexual Assault First Degree in Boone County, MO
Victim: 39 years of age, female
Incarcerated at SORTS since 04/01/2009
escaped inmate

$2,500 REWARD Michael Wilkins
escaped inmate
Michael Wilkins
DOB: 04-05-82
Ht: 6’1, Wt: 170 lbs
Brown hair, straight short- nearly bald Brown eyes
L arm: tattoo gun and tribal form
R arm: Dragon and skull
Chest: Dice
Neck: Polo
R Leg: Cowboy face with rebel flag
3076 Carron Road
Festus, MO
SFCSD Charges:
Burglary first degree, probation violation

$2,500 REWARD Dakota D. Pace
escaped inmate
Dakota Pace
DOB: 03-24-96
Ht: 5’9, Wt: 150 lbs
Brown hair, straight short length Brown eyes
Cheek- small scar on right cheekbone
705 Locust Street Apt 2
Park Hills, MO 63601
SFCSD Charges:
Trafficking in stolen identities
Resisting, failing to yield
Stealing X2
careless and imprudent driving
Property Damage X2
Tampering with M/V X4

UPDATE: More information on five escapees from St. Francois County Detainee Center

FARMINGTON, Mo.    The U.S. Marshal’s Office is offering rewards for each of the five escaped inmates from the St. Francois County Detention Center.

The five fugitives    three are dubbed sexual predators    are all considered dangerous and law enforcement have asked the public not to approach or confront any of them, but to call 9-1-1 or their local law enforcement if seen.

However, law enforcement believe they all have left the area.

All five were charged Wednesday (1.18.2023) morning with the Class E felony of escape from confinement. The charge carries a sentence of up to four years in prison.

Aaron Sebastian, Kelly MsSean and LuJuan Tucker each were at the Detention Center for sex crimes and each have a $5,000 bounty placed on them by the Marshals.

Michael Wilkins and Dakota Pace both have a $2,500 reward on them.

$5,000 REWARD Aaron Sebastian
escaped inmate
Aaron Sebastian
DOB: 05-08-92
Ht: 5’8, Wt: 150 lbs
Shoulder length brown hair, wears in pony tail at times Full beard
Wears glasses
Hazel eyes
1016 W Columbia St
Farmington, MO 63640
Here on charges from SORTS for committing violence on a mental health employee.
SORTS charges:
– Two counts of First Degree Statutory Sodomy at age of 15.
– Victims were family and friends of family, age of female victims were 8 and 9.

$5,000 REWARD LuJuan Tucker
(escaped inmate)
Lujuan Tucker
DOB: 04-25-85
Ht: 5’10, Wt: 175 lbs
African American
Black hair, dreadlocks
R Arm: “how”
L Arm: “how long”
Shld: man w/gun
Back: stl arch
1016 W. Columbia
Farmington, MO 63640
Here on charges from SORTS for Assault 3rd.
SORTS charges:
– Felony Statutory Rape in the 1st Degree (originally charged with forcible rape) in St. Louis County 10-07-03.
– Victim: 12 year old female, unrelated to suspect
– While incarcerated on the above charge, Tucker received a violation for Forcible Sexual Misconduct on 07-09-07.