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Body Discovered In Mississippi River May Not Be Found Again Here

STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo.  —  The body discovered in the Mississippi River here Tuesday afternoon does not seem that it will be re-discovered or even recovered in Ste. Genevieve County, but then again it just might reappear here.

The unknown body disappeared again when area authorities tried to retrieve it on Tuesday (1.3.2023), but was unable to do so.
The body possibly went under a barge that was at the location, which was located near the Mississippi Lime section on the river at Little Rock Rd.

Speculation in town is focusing on a man who disappeared in the Missouri River near Washington, Mo., while ice surfing, in which the hobby appears to have a following in the United States, including the Show-Me State.

The man was shown ice surfing  —  as law enforcement there was seen asking if him if he needed help  —  on a few of the St. Louis news television stations recently just before he disappeared.

However, the body may or may not be that man as another man also has disappeared into the Missouri River around the city of Washington after he had been paragliding in late October of 2022.

The St. Louis area also has two missing persons who are believed to be in the Mississippi River as well.

The Mississippi River runs from Minnesota to the Louisiana coast of the Gulf of Mexico, with Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois all above Missouri as well as Minnesota. No word if anyone from those four states have anyone lost to the Big Muddy.

Of course, the Missouri, which is longer than the Mississippi, has its own line of states connected to it from Montana to St. Louis.

Look for more from news editor Mark Evans in the Jan. 11 printed edition of the Herald.