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Special Road District Meets

Aaron DeRousse, road foreman, reported crews were sealing cracks every chance they can get, weather permitting,  at the Dec. 13 Special Road District A board meeting.

He said they will likely be finished for the year due to the weather. They have been grading the roads following the rains and have been filling in a couple of ditches that have been getting too deep. They also placed a pipe on Cottonwood Road and filled in the area on Quarry Town Road that had a large drop off following the overlaying on that road.

The board approved an invoice from Vern Bauman Contracting for the overlay project on Industrial Drive. Additional tonnage was used to allow for the extra truck traffic on a daily basis going in and out of Industrial Drive. They also improved drainage issues at the entrance. The total invoice was for $53,169.

Public Water Supply District No. 1 will be placing a new water line and will need to cross Pleasant View Drive and Zell Road. The general contractor will restore it to it’s original condition. DeRousse suggested the district make the repairs so that it settles several months before asphalting over it and just bill the contractor. The Board agreed to table it until the next meeting.

The board discussed possible replacement of the boom mower due to the age of the unit.

Overlay projects for the upcoming year was discussed. DeRousse said Watts Road and Joggerst Road are in pretty rough shape.  Possible chip and seal work on Leroy Road was also discussed.    

It was tabled until the  January meeting.