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AHC Recommends Revoking Nexgen Mining Permit

The Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC) recently recommended that the Missouri Mining Commission (MMC) reverse the decision to issue Nexgen Silica, LLC a surface mining permit because Nexgen’s application was incomplete.

According to the AHC, the permit failed to list “all persons with a property interest in the mine plan area and a source granting it a legal right, rather than an option to obtain that right, to mine that property.”

The permit had been granted on June 30.

“We are disappointed in the AHC Commissioner’s recommendation in this case,” a Nexgen spokesman said. “However, the development of our overall plan is a long process, and we are confident that we will acquire our required permits to move forward with our original plan.”

Operation Sand, LLC, a local group that organized to fight the mine, expressed pleasure at the decision.

“We are elated that the AHC recommends that the mining permit be reversed,” said Jillian Ditch Anslow, managing member of Operation Sand. “Throughout this process, Operation Sand and all its supporters have expressed concerns about the potential harmful impacts from silica frac sand mining on the health of area residents and the environment,” added Anslow.