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Commissioners Look At 2023 Paving Priorities


Westover and Smith roads, on the far western edge of the county, will get paving priority for 2023.

Country commissioners and Scott Schmieder, county road and bridge foreman, decided at last Thursday’s commission meeting to go ahead and seal up that corner of the county. That way, graders will not have to be taken all the way past Highway D, to repair small stretches of road.

The remaining section of Westover Road is 0.7 miles, while the section of Smith Road is 0.9 miles.

To do the Westover section, an estimated $19,000 worth of prep rock and $12,500 worth of oil will be used, for a total cost of  $31,500.

Smith will cost about $27,000 for prep rock and $17,500 in oil, for a total of $44,500.

This does not include pipe replacement. Both roads will get chip and seal paving.

The county has 73 miles of gravel road remaining.

They also looked at overlays of already paved roads. It was agreed that a 1.3-mile stretch of Frye Road, 1.97 miles of Coffman Road and 0.6 miles of Avon Road would be the priorities.

For a two-inch overlay, Frye would cost about $176,088.  Coffman would be $239,113 at two inches or $358,715 at three inches. Avon would be $103,878 at three inches.

At three inches, the three roads would total $714,680.

Schmieder reported that his crew has been mowing and disposing of limbs and other brush, as well a replacing pipes. He said equipment was running properly.

Schmieder said he was waiting on a new rim to change the tire on the leased tractor for the bat wing mower. It will be cleaned up and returned once the tire is changed. The commissioners agreed that it would be cheaper to replace the tire than turning it in with a bad tire.


Discussion turned to the road and bridge budget. Schmieder would like a new pickup next year. One state-approved dealer had one for $60,000. Nelson said they would have to check and see if there are any other dealers that can be used. If not, it may be necessary to advertise for bids for the truck.