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County Prepares To Look At 2023 Road Paving Priorities



Scott Schmieder, county road and bridge foreman, reported to the county commission last Thursday that temperatures are getting too cold at night for much more asphalt work to be done. He said potholes had all been patched.

His crews were working on Bodine Road and made call-ins to locate buried lines where pipes will be replaced in 2023.

He said they had also been mowing and clearing out brush.

He also reported that the leased tractor used to operate the bat wing mower was having a tire changed and would be cleaned up to turn back in.

He agreed to go with the commissioners on Friday to look at road priorities for next year.

Schmieder also said he spoke to Jason Schwartz on Schwartz Road, who said Spectrum personnel had not called him.  He had been assured by Spectrum that they had called Schwartz regarding damage they had done to his property. Schmieder said there were still issues with the property.


Shawn Long, executive director of Ste. Genevieve County Library, turned in his annual report to the commission. The library had some 20,000 check-outs in he past year, up by 20%.

He reported that the number of portable internet “hot spots” being checked out has been cut down from eight to four. This was partially due to increasing technical difficulties with the devices and because a small number of people were regularly checking them out. He said individuals may only check one out once a month.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson said that they had been of great value when Long came up with the idea during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Long reported that internet use at the library was also up. He said Hoopla is one online program patrons seem to love.

He also reported that the Bloomsdale annex is being closed and will be replaced by a pick-up locker. (See separate story.)

The commissioners commended him on doing a good job.


Betty Arnold, a member of the county group home board, visited with the commissioners regarding their suggested changes to the reappointment process of board members.

The commissioners, after hearing complaints from an individual, had decided that having some questions to ask members requesting reappointment to county boards might be appropriate.

Arnold did not object to the idea. She said she would talk to the group home board about it.