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Queen Elizabeth II Dies

CNN report
Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has died today (Thurs.9.8.2022) at the age of 96, according to various national and international news sources.
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, who was born in 1926, the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, had the longest reign in British history  —  just over 70 years.
She will be mourned around the globe as one of the last monarchs born to a classic age of European royalty, when kings and queens wielded genuine political power.
Her long reign saw Britain transformed from a war-weary declining imperial power into a modern multi-cultural state that rarely looked to its monarch for leadership, but still held her in high esteem.
And while it witnessed its fair share of joy  —  not least the 2011 marriage of the Queen’s grandson Prince William to Catherine Middleton, and the birth of their three children  —  Elizabeth’s rule also weathered many storms, both public and personal, as the monarchy tried to keep pace with changing times.

Princess Elizabeth 1945
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Queen Elizabeth II
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