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Commissioners Ponder Expense Of Mowing


ste. genevieve herald

Mowing grass is becoming an expensive proposition.

How to handle grass-mowing chores was among the topics hashed out during last Thursday’s Ste. Genevieve County Commission meeting.

The commissioners got a quote of $1,250 a month to cut grass at the county fairgrounds, around the courthouse and at the recycling center. There would be additional charges to spray for weeds monthly.

The grand total could come to some $24,000 a year.

Karen Stuppy, First District commissioner, suggested that instructions be given not to cut grass until it reaches a height of six to seven inches.

The idea of volunteer labor was also discussed. Anyone mowing, either paid or volunteer, would be expected to have their own equipment. 

One problem with volunteers would be the liability issue. The county could conceivably be in danger of a lawsuit if a volunteer was injured while mowing. There would also be the likelihood of volunteers simply quitting with little or no notice.


Scott Schmieder, road and bridge foreman, reported that his crew had been chipping Holmes, Minnith and Jones roads, plus the back end of Zerwig Road. He said bad spots were also dug out and fixed.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson complimented Schmieder on Burks School Road and Kocher Road, which his crews had just worked on. He said both looked good.

They also discussed a location on Avon Road, where a resident would like to see a bigger pipe put in, to stop water damage to his property. However, due to an AT&T cable being buried right under the current pipe, that would not be feasible. The possibility of doing a hydraulic study was also brought up.

Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka said he felt the current pipe would easily handle a normal rain, but that there was no pipe big enough to handle a major deluge of five or more inches in a half hour, like recently hit.

Nelson noted that the county “didn’t create the problem” when it paved that section of road.

The ongoing work on Chestnut Ridge Road was also discussed. Residents would like the county to take over the roads in the subdivision and are having a contractor make improvements. The county has strict criteria for county roads, regarding width, ditches, etc.

Schmieder said they are about 20% through the process

One problem is that some houses sit lower than the road, which will cause water run-off issues.

Nelson told Schmieder that before the county would consider taking over the road, property owners would need to sign an agreement stating that the county is not responsible for damage from water run-off.

Schmieder also said he would talk to Sheriff Gary Stolzer to see if a deputy could be posted while work is being done on Dry Fork Road. Schmieder hoped one could be posted between Newman and Dix roads.

On equipment, Schmieder reported that Truck 7, a 2011 Freightliner, was at TAG Truck Center, being repaired.

Additionally, Schmieder said that more road signs have been stolen. The commissioners have been adamant that stealing road signs can be deadly if it causes a delay in an emergency vehicle finding its destination. Obviously, theft of stop signs are even more dangerous.


Gina Bennett expressed interest in trying to form a non-profit 401(c)(3) entity that would be called Friends of Wynncrest. It would help neglected children who live in the apartment complex. One possibility would be to have a  “blessings box,” where items could be dropped off for the children.