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County Paves Coffman; Puts Off Pickup Purchase

Jokerst,Inc. personnel paved a section of Coffman Road last week. The job had been planned since 2019.
Photos by Randy Ruzicka and Karen Stuppy


Thanks to skyrocketing oil and fuel prices and the unexpected work required on Franklin Bridge, a new Ste. Genevieve County Road and Bridge Department pickup truck is not in the cards this year.

“A new truck was in the budget, but we can’t do it now,” Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson told Road and Bridge Foreman Scott Schmieder.

Nelson suggested that they should go ahead and order one for 2023. With supply chain issues and other shortages, ordering one this fall may be necessary to have it by spring.

Meanwhile, Schmieder reported at last Thursday’s commission meeting that Truck 18, a 2016 Freightliner dump truck, had to be taken to TAG Truck Center in Farmington. A warning light had come on. The dually pickup, though, was back from the shop and in use again.

Satisfaction was expressed over the paving of Coffman Road, the most recent paving project.

“It really turned out nice,” Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka said. Coffman Road had been on the paving list since 2019.

Schmieder said he had also patched Avon Road. He said his crews had been busy patching and mowing.

This will be the week of the long-awaited Cave Road slab replacements, with two low-water slabs being taken out and replaced by concrete box culverts. McCann Concrete, who will be supplying the culverts, was unable to find trucks to deliver them. So, Schmieder had to find available trucks and make arrangements for the hauling. McCann will pay the drivers.

Nelson thanked Schmieder “for stepping up” and making the arrangements.

Schmieder also addressed other upcoming projects. Fairview Road needs to have oil added over an 8/10 of a mile stretch. Nelson estimated that to cost $12,000-$15,000.

Burks School Road also needs to be dug up and cleaned out, then paved with chip and seal. Dry Fork Road, meanwhile, will take about $40,000-$45,000.

Schmieder also said he ordered 24 tires and received 16 of them. He had already had to put eight of those 16 on, however.

Schmieder took Spectrum officials around to examine areas where the company’s contractors had left things a mess where they had been laying cable.