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County Commission Enthused About Development



A meeting with the Ste. Genevieve Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) left county commissioners optimistic about getting a new subdivision built.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson called it “a good meeting,” during last Thursday’s county commission meeting.

“I think the ball’s about to start rolling on that,” he said.

Land swaps between the city of Ste. Genevieve and the Church of Ste. Genevieve are opening the way for possible development of a subdivision in the vicinity of Progress Parkway. Plans would extend Basler Drive and/or Parkwood, to hit Progress Parkway.

“It’s really exciting,” said Randy Ruzicka, Second District commissioner, “just for the safety reasons, too, to have all that open.”

He added that it will give emergency personnel a shortcut in getting from various points to points.

Nelson said he wanted to clarify that the subdivision will not be for low-income housing as some seemed to think.

“It will be moderate income,” he said. “It will be a nice subdivision.”

For years, local planners have cited a lack of available housing as a hindrance to bringing in more young families Houses in the $175,000-$250,000 range were called the biggest need a couple of years ago.

Obviously, the houses envisioned at that price range in 2020 would be considerably higher in 2022. Nelson stressed, though, that it will be the type of housing a young family could afford.

“It won’t be $700,000 houses,” he said.


Scott Schmieder, road and bridge foreman, reported that one dump truck is still at TAG Truck Center, being repaired. He also said the department’s roller has an oil leak.

Schmieder reported that the base for Coffman Road was being laid that day.

Meanwhile, his crew had been patching roads and mowing. Some repairs and clean-up had to be done after the storm two days earlier, he said, especially in the Minnith and Coffman areas.

A New Church Road resident had asked the county to cut down a dead tree. It was apparently on the county’s right of way. A discussion took place over liability issues. The tree was leaning toward a house. Because of this, a professional tree service would probably need to be used.


Ruzicka reported that he had met with Jerrod Jernigan of the Missouri Department of “Transportation (MoDOT) and Keith Simpson of Keith Simpson Contracting at Franklin Bridge.

Simpson had previously moved the 102-year-old bridge over the St. Laurent Creek, just outside of St. Mary off of its foundation by crane, so the foundation could be repaired and enhanced.

While they were there, Jeremy Manning of Smith & Company Engineering, the firm that has frequently advised the commission on projects, also stopped by and discussed the project with them.

Some work on both ends of the bridge will also be done before the bridge is put back in place. That was expected to be sometime this week, depending on weather and supply chain issues.

Both new piers had been poured, Ruzicka said.


The long-sought emergency generator for the courthouse was put in place during Thursday’s meeting. A privacy fence will be put around it.

This will allow the first floor of the new courthouse addition to function during a power outage, with only about a six-second delay. It will prevent anyone from getting trapped in the elevator and should avoid any Election Day disruptions.

Associate Clerk Michele Gatzemeyer and Emergency Management Director Felix Meyer had secured a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FMA) grant to help pay for it.