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Waste-To-Energy Plant A Possibility



If Southeastern Missouri can generate sufficient trash, a new Green Solutions waste-to-energy plant might be in the making for the region.

Ste. Genevieve County commissioners learned about the possibility, attending recent Southeast Missouri Solid Waste District and Southeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission (SEMO RPC) meetings.

A Green Solutions plant operating in Kentucky was highlighted. It burns trash to produce electricity. The plant and its potential for the region were discussed at both meetings, with a video presentation during the RPC meeting.

The commissioners agreed that it would be an outstanding idea for southeast Missouri, saving landfill space and eliminating litter issues with things like old tires. First District Commissioner Karen Stuppy, who reported on the meetings during last Thursday’s county commission meeting, said the concept was “really exciting.” Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka called the idea “brilliant.”

The plants do not have to be large and can be located on three to five acres of land. The burning is done indoors.

Another selling point is that the items of trash do not have to be separated.

The only question is whether counties within the region would generate enough trash to sustain a plant.

Various grants were also discussed at the two meetings. No word had been received on the Federal Land Access Program (FLAP) grant application the county made in January to replace the Fourth Street bridge – one of four applications for the grant.

Leslie Seabaugh of the RPC staff reported that federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act money is still available for low-interest business loans. June 30 is the deadline.