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VRBO Permit Approved For Seraphin Street Location



Claire Bauman quickly received the blessings of the Ste. Genevieve Planning and Zoning Commission to operate a guest lodging establishment last Thursday night.

The commission voted unanimously to approve Bauman’s request for a special use permit to have a vacation rent by owners (VRBO) operation at 89 Seraphin Street, in a house she and her husband, Armando Guizar, are purchasing.

Bauman, who currently lives I California, was present, along with her son Nick, to answer questions.

She explained that her son will act as property manager and will oversee all aspects of the operation until she is able to move here.

The house is a circa 1920 Craftsman bungalow, which is listed as a contributing structure to the National Historic District.  One of the houses across the street already has a guest lodging permit.

David Bova, community development administrator, called the request “pretty standard for what we’ve considered the past couple of years.”

Bauman said the purchase of the property had just gone through two days earlier.

“We’re exited about it and if we can do anything to help the neighborhood, we’d be glad to,” she said.

Commission member Carl Kinsky asked whether Nick Bauman lives close to the property.  He replied that he lives in Ozora. He also mentioned that his younger brother currently has a couple of BRBO operations, making him “keen” into the operations of vacation rentals.

The motion to grant the special use permit passed 5-0 with two absent and Kinsky – who said he had dealt with Bauman as an attorney –  abstaining.

There will be a public hearing during the May 26 board of aldermen meeting after which the board will vote on it.