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County Crews Preparing To Start 2022 Paving Projects


Ste. Genevieve County’s 2022 paving season is getting underway. Scott Schmieder, county road and bridge foreman, reported to the county commission last Thursday that his crews have been working on Charter Church Road, in preparation for paving a section of the road.

This will be the first paving project of 2022. Coffman Road and Colony Church Road would be the next jobs. Rising oil prices may dictate how much new paving the county gets done this year – in addition to a larger than usual amount of money having to be spent on road repairs last year, after the winter of 2020-21.

Schmieder said he also went to Colony Church Road and put out some markers and talked to some residents about trees that would need to be removed in order for paving to be done.

Schmieder said he also drove around, checking roads for damage. He reported that he located “a bunch of pot holes” that need repairing.

Schmieder cleaned out the ditch along French Village Road, as well. The commissioners agreed that with the flat lay of the land there, there is really no place for water to drain easily.

A property owner on Jersey Lane, meanwhile, had called and asked about having a ditch cleared out. The individual also asked about the feasibility of having a four-inch asphalt curve put in.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson asked Schmieder when he had last put any road counters out. Schmieder said it had been at least three years. They agreed it may be time to consider putting some counters out to keep track of the traffic on various roads.

Schmieder also reported that a new employee would soon be taking his Commercial Drivers License (CDL) test. He also told the commissioners all equipment was functioning properly.