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St. Mary Gives Hayward Plot Of Land

From Staff Reports

During its March 10 meeting, the St. Mary Board of Aldermen agreed to give Daniel Hayward a lot near Wyatt and Poplar Streets.

Hayward asked if the city would sell him the lot adjoining a lot the city had previously given to him.

The board voted to give him this lot as well, with Hayward absorbing any fees that are incurred.

The board also gave him permission to plant a garden and install some purple martin bird houses on buy-out property in that area. The board also agreed to allow Hayward to clear brush out of an undeveloped road way in the area so he can make mulch, and to put a retaining wall on his property on 2nd Street as long as he gets a building permit. 

The board also reviewed 10 applications for tornado relief. The mayor and aldermen had recused themselves from being eligible, despite some of them suffering heavy damage during the Oct. 24 tornado.

The board came up with a proposal to award three applicants with $950.00 and six applicants with $411.50 to disperse all of the funds.