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Planning/Zoning Looks At Comp. Plan


Two special use permits for guest lodging were speedily approved by the Ste. Genevieve Planning and Zoning Commission last Thursday.

Chad ands Sara Kreitler requested a permit for 1090 Market Street, within an R-1 Single Family district.

David Bova, community development administrator, said he had been contacted by one neighbor regarding the request.

“I did have one neighbor call,” Bova said. “He just had a couple of questions and said, after I answered them, that he has no issues.”

The commission quickly approved the request by a 5-0 vote, with three (Anthony Grass, Kathy Waltz and Joe Prince) absent.

A similar request was made by Robert and Elizabeth Pershall for 555 Cedar Lane. 

“I also had one neighbor call with questions, and once the questions were answered, she had no issues whatsoever,” Bova said.

Commission member Gina Bryant asked whether there is a sidewalk leading behind the house.

Robert Pershall replied that he is going to put one in.

“I’m going to put a drive in and a carport,” he said, “so that we will have covered parking and a sidewalk that will go to it.”

Again, the commission quickly moved on the request, passing it by a similar 5-0-3 vote.

The board of aldermen will consider the requests following a public hearing at their next meeting.


Bova also informed the commission that a new city Comprehensive Plan would be drafted.

He noted that the current Comprehensive Plan was drafted in November 1997.

“It will soon be 25 years old,” Bova said. “Most comprehensive plans, which by state statutes, cities are required to have if they have planning and zoning, are meant to last 10 to 20 yeas, with an update every five or so years. So this one has certainly lasted and is ready to be updated.”