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CE Contracting Gets Contract



CE Contracting of Ste. Genevieve, the low bidder for water distribution work in Bloomsdale’s major upcoming water project, was awarded the contract at the March 8 board of aldermen meeting.

CE Contracting had the lowest of three bids, at $462,003. Originally, the estimate for the distribution (piping, etc.) portion of the project was $600,000.

The eight-inch pipe had already arrived for the project. John Lurk, water superintendent, said that the six-inch pipe should also be arriving any time.

David Van Leer of Cochran Engineering gave the board copies of a preliminary plan the firm was working on for the work that would be necessary on Clement Road during the latter stages of the four-phrase project.

The board voted to authorize Cochran to go ahead and prepare a preliminary design of roadway improvement for Clement Road and other streets where extra work will be needed.

 “The necessary survey work, design work and the preparation of the right of way exhibits would total $36,500,” Van Leer said. “This would get us to the point where we would know what to acquire for right of way and we would know where to place the new water line.”

 “Really, what this does is takes us up to a breathing point that has us in pretty decent shape,” Mayor Paul Monia said. Once the project gets going, including a new water tank, “We catch our breath and see how we’re moving forward, then we approach the next part of it.”

Van Leer estimated about a million dollars for street improvement.