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Online Park Survey Ongoing


The city of Ste. Genevieve currently has an online survey available for residents to fill out.

This is a Park Master Plan follow-up survey, which was necessitated since the city is applying for a Recreational Trails Program Grant through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

City Administrator Happy Welch noted the Ste. Genevieve applied for the same grant last year, but was turned down.

The grant would cover the cost of a 600-foot section of trail — a little more than one-tenth of a mile — inside Pere Marquette Park. The trail would 10 feet wide, made from concrete.

The proposed trail would begin at the big pavilion heading east to one of the smaller rotunda also located in the park.

The big pavilion is a hub inside the park, serving as the command center for events such at road races and disc golf tournaments.

The cost of the trail would be $75,000, with the city contributing a $10,000 match and $20,000 from the Community Foundation of Ste. Genevieve.

Constructing a new trail is considered one of the priorities in the Master Plan, a 50-plus page manifesto created by local park planners Nick and Mary Donze.

By Friday afternoon, Welch noted the survey had been filled out by 45 respondents. The average time to complete the survey is 8-10 minutes.


Let’s go through the survey, question by question.

First off, the survey asks if you’re a resident of the city, county or outside of Ste. Genevieve County. 

Respondents are then asked to rank the city parks from highest to lowest, on a scale of 1-7. City parks are as follows: Pere Marquette, Main Street, River Gauge, Valle Springs, Dave Pinkley, the dog park on North Third Street and the skate park on North Fourth Street.

Next, survey takers are asked what activities they enjoy in city parks — followed by a prioritization of park improvements/additions based on preferences.