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Progress Made On Charter Church Road


 Charter Church Road may get its chip and seal paving after all.

The Ste. Genevieve County Commission had been having trouble reaching landowners along the road, where trees needed removed for paving to take place.

A meeting was finally held with key property owners. Commissioners and Scott Schmieder, road and bridge foreman, met with a 91-year-old property owner and his son, who requested that the county mark any trees needed to be cut with paint and show how far the road widening will go onto his property.

“Scott was very accommodating,” First District Commissioner Karen Stuppy reported during last Thursday’s commission meeting. “We want to work with land owners.”

The county has specs for paving roads. Through roads must be 20 feet wide and dead-end roads must be 18 feet wide.

The sections in question on Charter Church turned out to be wider than the commissioners and Schmieder had previously believed. Not as much fencing will have to be moved as anticipated.

“It really went well,” Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka said. “There is no substitute for doing things in person.”

Nelson touched on the expected cost. Paving this segment of Charter Church would cost $85,000-$90,000, with about $43,000 of that being prep work, $3,000 labor, $6,400 for oil and $4,000 for chips. It would take two or three days to actually pave, but possibly up to three weeks to do the prep work, he said.

The commissioners also want to get a 9/10 of a mile stretch of McDaniel Road paved, with pipes replaced.

Schmieder reported that Truck 7, a 2011 Freightliner has been getting an engine light warning lately. It has been taken to Tag Truck Center to be examined.

Meanwhile, the boom broke off of the boom mower. Schmieder said he is getting prices on repairing the six-year-old mower.

Also, the cab heater on the skid steer had stopped working.

Schmieder also said his crew was preparing for the predicted snow over the weekend. Salt was on hand at the road shed and was being mixed with chips in preparation of spreading it.