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Corps Was Pleased With Levee Upkeep


Ste. Genevieve County Levee District No. 3 superintendent Norman Gallup discussed a levee inspection that occurred earlier in December.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers performed the inspection. 

Ste. Genevieve’s Urban Design Levee is inspected every single year; however, every fifth year a more thorough examination takes place — and that was the case this year.

“They had all different departments (out there),” Gallup noted during the levee district’s regular meeting, Dec. 14. “They had 12 people out there, and they went through everything.”

Gallup said the Corps of Engineers remarked on how “clear the channels were,” with no siltation present.

Siltation is a process by which water becomes dirty as a result of fine mineral particles, referring to both an increased concentration of suspended sediments or uptick in fine sediments – which is considered undesirable.

Overall, Gallup reported the Corps was happy with the condition of the levee, which has included several recent upgrades on the multi-site culvert expansion. Debris has been cleared out as well.

It was reported the Corps asked about the crown widening project the levee district will undertake at some point. 

They have five years to complete it; however, if money becomes available, the project will be completed sooner rather than later.

There was not enough water to run the pumps, but, Gallup showed the Corps of Engineers pumping records from the entire year. 

Gallup said he plans on getting Pump No. 3 pulled and Pump No. 2 serviced. 

Also on the to-do list will be putting enough rock to raise the center of the recently named Stormy Crawford Way, which was dedicated back in August complete with eagles.

Gallup noted the Corps of Engineers will be grading various aspects differently this year.

There were “minor infractions” the levee would be written up for, plus having a crack on concrete at the north end closure. 

“I’m going to get that repaired so we don’t get written up again on it,” Gallup said.