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City Pondering Worsening Stormwater Problem


Ste. Genevieve city administrator Happy Welch gave an update on stormwater issues during a recent interview with the Herald.

Welch said the city is seeking a quote amount for possible engineering services for three specific areas.

The first area covers the southern portion of Ste. Genevieve – along the South Gabouri Creek.

Residents from this neighborhood have attended recent board of aldermen meetings, voicing their concerns on excess water.

The Rozier subdivision also is on the list, which includes Park Drive, Center Drive and Portis Street.

Several businesses have been impacted by stormwater run off in this area, including Shuh and Sons Plumbing and Heating, Inc., and a Subway Restaurant.

Welch said Ward 4 Alderwoman Ashley Armbruster asked for the International subdivision to be placed on the list.

This is the same area of that has asked to be considered for the city’s Fiscal Year 2022 street repaving program.

“Residents have experienced issues on Scott Street,” Welch noted.

Welch said he also heard from another city resident who requested Washington Street – especially nearest the North Gabouri Creek – be examined for runoff issues.

Citizens have been worried over stormwater issues because of historical rains that have fallen in each of the past two years. 

On both occasions, more than four inches of rain fell during a 45-minute period.

“Our system can’t handle that, and we are looking at potential solutions,” Welch noted. 

With two creeks in the community, Ste. Genevieve could potentially have as many as seven watersheds.

During the board of aldermen meeting on Nov. 18, Ste. Genevieve resident Ron Klein urged the city to conduct an engineering study.

“We need to keep up to speed on it,” Klein said.


Rich Figge, who lives in the same neighborhood as Klein, asked if there had ever been a comprehensive engineering report conducted for the entire city.

There has never been such a study for the whole community; however, in 2003, there was one for Park Drive.

Strickland Engineering of Jackson conducted the drainage study, a 25-page report complete with a project summary, field inspection, ditch analysis, examination of Park Drive inlets and pipes and on the Center Drive culvert.

The report included hydraulic charts and several exhibits, and the total area of the study was 91.11 acres. 

There is a box culvert running under Center Drive that can become exacerbated by stormwater by runoff from Triangle Drive and the hospital area.

Before this 2003 study, there also was one prepared by Booker Associates of St. Louis. However, no date appears on a copy of the report. This one encompassed a larger land area and studied additional items.