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Guest Lodging Requests Passed Along


Members of the Ste. Genevieve Planning and Zoning Commission quickly approved two requests to operate guest lodging during their Nov. 9 meeting.

First, Marshall and Jinette Brautigam requested a Special Use Permit to operate a guest lodging establishment in an R-1 Single Family Residential District at 409 LeCompte Street. Marshall Brautigam was present via Zoom video conferencing, discussed his request and answered some questions from the Commission.

He said they plan to retire here in less than two years and want to do guest lodging to cover costs until they actually move in.

Brautigam said he wanted to help promote tourism and local business by providing guests with information on attractions and restaurant menus.

“Our big goal is to have it be a draw to the Ste. Gen. community and to the actual economy of Ste. Gen.,” he said.

Commission member Gina Bryant asked whether Ste. Genevieve has any ordinances requiring owners of guest lodging establishments to be available locally.

Another question she felt was “super important” was the possibility of portions of the house being locked, if only one or two rooms were being rented.

“If a room was locked and there was a fire … they couldn’t get out because they didn’t have access to all the emergency access,” she said.

She stressed that this concern was for all airbnb rentals, not the Brautigams’ specifically.