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Aldermen Take Look At Street Paving Priorities


The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen conducted a work session on Oct. 28, with the focal point on street repair.

City administrator Happy Welch provided aldermen with a list of streets that will be repaved during Fiscal Year 2022.

The city has recommended projects totaling $196,432 out of a set budget of $250,000, which gives them some wiggle room for even more repaving projects. That wiggle room is an estimated $53,568. 

So, what additional streets should be repaved? That was at the heart of discussions here.

Two Ste. Genevieve residents, Ann Pope and Stella Mueller, appeared from what’s called the “International Subdivision,” which features the following streets: Linn Drive, Scott Street, Audubon Street, Larose Street and Austin Street.

Welch said promises for road improvements — in this area of Ste. Genevieve — from previous administrations and elected officials haven’t been “followed through.”

It was noted that a couple of year ago, a portion of Linn Drive was repaved.

“I think we need to give this area some consideration,” said Ward 4 Alderwoman Ashley Armbruster, who represents the area in question.

One of the residents claimed her street had only been repaved once during her lifetime. 

Ann Pope called the road conditions, “really bad.” Aldermen also were briefed about the scores of potholes found along Scott Street.

Mayor Paul Hassler agreed elected officials and city staff need to do a better job of listening to their constituents on road matters.

The list of streets that are approved for repair are as follows: North Fourth from Roberts to Washington, Little Rock north to Modoc, the Park House parking lot inside Pere Marquette Park, the Rozier Street alley (Park/Cedar and Maple/Washington).

Continuing the list: North Seventh Street from Jefferson to Washington, North Third from Roberts to the end of maintenance, Parkwood from Pointe Basse to Oakwood, Front Street from Market to Merchant and near KSGM Road.