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Commissioners Take Look At Future Culverts, Bridge Responsibility


Nov. 4 is still the anticipated date  to install the new box culvert on Kocher Road. 

At least the Ste. Genevieve County Commission is hoping to see the concrete culvert arrive on or around that day.

A shortage of various materials and shipping delays – all blamed on COVID-19 – continue to cause delays.

The job was originally scheduled for September. It was moved back to October, then to early November. The result has been  frustrating for the commissioners, who have had to try to coordinate the project with the winner of bidding to install it (Aaron Braun Excavating) and the anticipated crane operator (Budrovich Crane Service), or to move down the list of bidders, if they have other commitments by the time the culvert arrives.

The commission has long favored the large, one-piece concrete box culverts – usually bought from McCann Concrete in Dorsey, Illinois – for replacing low-water crossings.

Meanwhile, Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson told road and bridge foreman Scott Schmieder to be analyzing county reads and come up with a list of priorities for box culvert replacements for 2022.

Schmieder reported that Truck 7, a 2011 Freightliner that has been in a shop, awaiting transmission parts for nearly six weeks, should be back in service by the end of the week.

The John Deere skid steer was running, he said, but it will need to be taken in to have some work done on it. He will see about getting a loaner while it is being repaired.