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Valle Has Found Success With Optional Mask Policy


Valle Catholic administrators do not regret the school’s decision to make face masks optional for students this school year.

“We haven’t had any outbreaks,” high school principal Greg Miller said. “There haven’t been any problems.”

Grade school principal Amanda Overmann also reported that there have been no outbreaks.

Valle required face masks or shields during the 2020-21 school year, but chose to make them optional this school year.

The decision has gone over well with students.

“The students really did not like the masks all the months that we were making them wear them,” Miller said. “So they don’t want to go back. I think they would be very, very upset if we had to do making again. 

“Frankly, with the numbers – or the lack of numbers – we’re seeing, I see no need for it at the high school.”

Overmann has experienced the same situation at the elementary.

“We have a couple of students who  choose to mask every day, but for the most part they really enjoy the back to normal, without masks,” she said.

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