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L & H Rentals Wants Final Portion Rezoned To I-2


L & H Rental’s request to rezone a parcel of land at 175 Coyne Street from R-1 Single Family Residential, to I-2 Heavy Industrial was passed unanimously by the Ste. Genevieve Planning and Zoning Commission last Thursday night.

David Bova, community development administrator, explained that about 85 percent of the company’s 10.22-acre property there is already I-2.

Greg Hilbert spoke for L & H Rentals.

The property includes the old BiltBest-Lucent factory

“The only thing we need expanded for is future building expansion,” Hilbert said.

He added that in the future a roadway would be added on the property “to help us get heavy trucks around the back of the facility.”

He anticipates “an influx of heavy truck traffic” as the business expands. The private drive will help keep it from being a problem to Market Street and 10th Street, he said.

“In addition to that, we’re hoping to expand our facility north toward Market Street,” Hilbert said. “It won’t be happening in 2022, maybe not 2023, but long-term. 

“Before we do this dirt work to put in our roadway, we want to know if there’s going to be a possibility to be able to expand our plant – the footprint of it – for more warehouse space, which will give us more dock doors and more space for these guys.”

He noted that the company operating out of the building is a logistics company that is likely to outgrow the space in a year or two.

“What we’re wanting to do is be able to provide them a bigger footprint,” Hilbert said.

He explained that this would necessitate moving into the portion of the property still zones R-1.

“That hillside is not ideal for an addition; it only fits one direction and that’s toward Market Street,” Hilbert said, “which will parallel our current property. We’ve got drainage issues, utility issues, all kinds of stuff.”

He stressed that, unlike many heavy industrial zones, noise will not be a problem.

“This is going to be strictly warehousing,” he said. “The only noise is going to be semi traffic, and it’s going to be during workday hours. It’s not going to be nighttime traffic, so that shouldn’t be a concern.”

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