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City Population Estimated At 4,999,Welch Reports

During his city administrator’s report, Happy Welch said there was plenty of good news to report, including word the Missouri Municipal League – through figures from the United States Census Bureau – that Ste. Genevieve’s population now stands at 4,999, up from 4,418 in 2010.

“I think our increase in housing and apartments reflected the jump in population,” Welch said.

This is a historic high for Ste. Genevieve. The population had risen to a high-water mark of 4,481 in 1980 and was 4,476 in 2000, before falling off to 4,410 in 2010.

The Missouri Department of Revenue reports were also released last Thursday, shortly before the board meeting.

“The tax reports showed sales taxes were up for locally bought goods while the use tax dropped, but is still above the 2019 level,” Welch said.

General fund sales tax has outpaced 2020 by $18,000, while the transportation tax and capital improvement taxes were up $12,000. The use tax was off almost $20,000 from 2020 – as city residents aren’t purchasing as much from online sources – but it’s still $9,000 higher than 2019.