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Ramp Approved During Special Heritage Commission Meeting



It took only a few minutes for the Ste. Genevieve Heritage Commission to approve its only request at a special meeting last Thursday.

John Meere requested a certificate of appropriateness to install an American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant wooden ramp to the front of thew  house at 250 South Main.

Special circumstances led him to request a special meeting, to avoid waiting for the September meeting.

Aaron Luna of the Life Center for Independent Living was present via Zoom and answered some questions regarding the project.

“The applicant is much appreciative of meeting early,” community development administrator David Bova told the members.

Bova asked Luna if the ramp was similar to others he has had built around town.

“Yes,” Luna replied. “For every inch of rise we have to go out one foot So this is a 31-foot ramp.”

Bova asked how soon it might be completed.

Luna said if weather  permitted, it should be done the following week.

A motion was quickly made seconded and approved 4-0.

Bova also listed two administrative approvals that did not need the commission’s approval. One was a roof eve repair and patching of a concrete porch at 159 N Main.