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No Project Pioneer Again In ‘21

By Betty Valle Gegg Naeger

Special to the HERALD

For the second year in a row, Project Pioneer will not be honoring families at the Jour de Fete Celebration. Due to the covid restrictions still in place in January 2021, the monthly, face-to-face meetings in crowded rooms needed to gather family information were cancelled early this year. Without the meetings, the necessary planning could not continue.

Hopefully, by October of this year, meetings with the families whose names were drawn at the 2019 Jour de Fete, the French Michaud and Placit families and the German Oberle and Operle families, can resume so preparations can continue for the celebration in August 2022.

Both the Project Pioneer celebration as well as Jour de Fete itself were postponed one other time, during the 1993 flood. Honored families from 1993 finally were recognized in 1994.

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