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Special Road District A Considers Overlays


Whether to tackle any further road overlays this year was tabled until August during the Special Road District A board meeting on July 13.

The board had come up with a potential list at an earlier meeting, which had included sections of Joggerst Road and Quarrytown Road, according to road foreman Paul Bauman. It was noted that North Fourth/White Sands Road should be considered, as well.

“It would be nice if we could knock that out on White Sands,” chairman Paul Arnold said. “That’s the worst.”

The district has worked with the city of Ste. Genevieve in the past in maintaining a stretch of North Fourth Street/White Sands Road as it leaves the city limits.

Arnold noted that the city was tied up with sewer replacement.

“There off of Boverie Drive there’s some pot holes,” Bauman said. “It’s the city’s, but I think we can just go through and fix ‘em. They’re getting bad. It won’t take much to fix them.”

Arnold asked whether they wanted to table the overlays or go ahead and bid some out.

“I guess maybe by next meeting we can make a decision,” Bauman said.

Board member Paul Viox added that “It looks like our funds will be OK” for doing a couple of overlays this fall.

This spring the district awarded a package of projects to Jokerst, Inc., with a combined bid of just over $188,000 to do sections of Sugar Bottom, Zell, Copper Mine and Lime Kiln roads.

It was agreed that the final price will probably be closer to $200,000, with additional repairs being needed on Lime Kiln Road.

It was reported that Jokerst had finished Copper Mines Road and would do Zell Road later in the week, before hitting Lime Kiln.

It was suggested that Bauman remind the paving company that the projects need to be done in September.