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Fair Gets High Marks, Despite Some Uncooperative Weather



Although storms delayed the demolition derby on Saturday and wiped out much of the scheduled Sunday activities, the 2021 Ste. Genevieve County Fair was considered a ringing success.

Huge crowds attended, enjoying the cloud cover and breeze that later led to the rain showers.

An estimated 9,000 people attended on Friday and 14,000 on Saturday.

“I know for a fact it was the biggest truck pull and the biggest demo derby we ever had,” fair board president Keith Skaggs said, “in spite of the weather.”

He noted that hot temperatures Thursday night, as well as people’s work schedules kept numbers down somewhat for the kart races on Thursday night.

“Otherwise it went excellent,” Skaggs  said. “Like I said, it was a record for the truck pull. We had 86 total hooks on the truck pull. Todd Byington put on a heck of a show.”

The demolition derby had 36 minis and 19 big cars competing.

Other than a small turnout for the Muddy Money Madness, much of the Sunday goings-on were washed out.

“Sunday was pretty much a complete washout, due to all the heavy rain we received,” Skaggs said.

Ste. Genevieve County Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson praised the fair.

“I’ve never seen that many cars in the parking lot before,” Nelson. “If it wouldn’t have rained, it probably would‘ve been the best county fair we’ve ever had.”

Nelson has criticized the current fair board, as well as predecessors. However, he had only kinds words for their work on this year’s event.

“I know I’ve criticized the fair board,” Nelson said, “but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. They showed a lot of good organization in putting the fair on. I’ve never seen that many people attend. Everything

really went well.”