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Aldermen Give OK To Zoning Change


The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen conducted three public hearings during its regular meeting this past Thursday.

There wasn’t much fanfare with any of them – all lasting roughly one minute apiece.

Elected officials by a 5-0 vote approved a zone change from I-1 light industrial district to a C-1 general commercial district. Ward 1 Alderman Gary Smith and both Ward  4 Alderpersons Joe Prince and Ashley Armbruster were absent from the proceedings.

Recently, the city has had executive sessions on the matter, which was ultimately brought before the public during this meeting.

The lot will be turned into a pair of subdivisions, one part called Lot 1A, which covers 24.04 acres. Lot 1B covers 14.29 acres.

The subdivision, which was unanimously approved during a planning and zoning commission meeting on June 25, will be located in the 1000 block of Progress Parkway.

Community development administrator David Bova stated in a report: “Currently, this property is used for agricultural purposes.” It bordered another existing C-1 zone on the western end of the parcel.

City administrator Happy Welch reported Lot 1A will not be used for development; however, Lot 1B will be — most likely a residential development of some form.

“Industrial development has not occurred on this property,” Welch stated in an application for this zoning change. “Future residential and commercial development is more (feasible) and could help increase the population and tax base of the city.”

The speculation is that the area will likely become home to some duplexes in a community that sorely needs affordable living accommodations.

Adjoining properties are owned by the following parties: Off the Hook Properties, LLC (Ryan Huck), trustees Louis and Elizabeth Kuehn, and Bogey Creek Properties, LLC, of Farmington.

Lot B, which covers a little more than 36 acres, also will be subdivided into two tracts.

Aldermen approved a special use permit for businessman Dwayne Doza of Doza Auto Body and Auto Sales allowing the addition of a new building on the property located at 590 Ste. Genevieve Drive.

Doza needed a new building for auto body prep work and a paint booth, as explained in his permit use application to the city.

“We need more room,” Doza added.