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Commission Gets Through Short Agenda Quickly



Taking care of several items, the Ste. Genevieve County Commission got through its agenda in less than two hours last Thursday.

First District Commissioner Karen Stuppy served as Acting Presiding Commissioner, with Garry Nelson gone on vacation.

Scott Schmieder, road and bridge foreman, was also vacationing, so no road report was given.

Stuppy said a call was received that signs at Misplay and Carron roads had been stolen.

It was also noted that Heil Oil Company had been the low bidder for the month’s fuel contract and had been awarded the contract.


Prosecuting Attorney Wayne Williams told the commissioners that he had not had a chance to send a letter to the individual whose septic system is draining sewage onto properties at Lakes Genevieve.

“I know it’s a serious situation,” Williams said. “But I’m one person and I’m spread extremely thin. Today was the first day I didn’t have court.”

Stuppy said she didn’t mean to pressure him, but that “I need to do my job to protect these people.”

Williams added that a $200 fine is not likely to cause the person to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a new sewer system. He said a civil suit by the parties impacted might have the best outcome.

He also noted that if the rental house from which the sewage originates were abandoned, the problem would essentially be solved.


The commissioners voted to  request an increase from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) on the grant the county is receiving for an emergency backup generator for the courthouse.

The grant, originally applied for some 18 months ago, had been for $4,000. Both bids received were for more than that amount.

Since prices on many items, such as copper wiring, has skyrocketed, there is hope that the grant will be increased to meet current prices.


Arrangements had been made to lease a back hoe and skid steer from Erb Equipment for a month. Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka left a message for John Stallons of Erb Equipment, hoping that both pieces could be delivered that day.

Stallons later called back and said the skid steer was on its way and would be there later in the day. The back hoe, he said, had to be delivered separately, and would be there Monday morning.

The commission had voted the previous Monday to lease a skid steer for $2,640.