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St. Mary Passes One Ordinance In Rescheduled Meeting

From staff reports

Meeting one week later, after its June 10 meeting was called off due the lack of a quorum, the St. Mary Board of Aldermen took less than half an hour to conduct business last Thursday.

There was no “unfinished business” or citizen concerns on the agenda. In the only “new business” item, an ordinance regulating water usage rates for yard water meters was passed unanimously on first and second readings.

The bulk of the meeting was taken up by departmental reports.

Emergency Management – Emergency Management director David Woods reported that the state has not yet received the American Rescue Act money.  Woods then stated that he has all the forms ready that are required to receive the money.

Police Department – Police chief Adam Bequette handed out performance reports for different categories.  He completed five arrest warrants that week. He stressed that there should be no parking on Third Street between Pine and Cedar Street because it is a fire lane. There was one overdose. He received 15 POST hours for training he took in Branson. Bequette explained that he received a free Humvee from Normandy through the Department of Defense surplus program and it is a regional resource. Bequette discussed the recent vandalism in the city park.

Fire Department – Fire chief Frankie Ullman reported there was one medic call. Fire truck 41 got the graphics applied but needs a new light bar. He set September for the next possible date for a barbecue. Ullman then discussed also having another gun raffle. He worked with Trinity Baptist Church to have an appreciation dinner for city first responders and city administration staff.

Street Department – Alderman Ron Barnett reported that this weekend the Down Syndrome ride will be coming to town with hundreds of UTVs and motorcyclists. He also mentioned that there are a lot of city ditches that need to be cleaned out.

Water/Wastewater Department – Alderman Karl Schultz discussed how instruments have been maintained. The bearings have been replaced and a thermometer has been purchased to monitor the heat so the bearings are not overloaded.

Park / Cemetery / Animal Control – Alderman Dr. Zen Duda has been working on the basketball backboard. He mentioned that skunks and opossums are being attracted by his neighbor’s trash. Dr. Zen Duda then offered to help with a digital monitoring program for the park and cemetery and is offering funds. Mark Timmons who mows the Catholic cemetery asked if he could submit a bid to also mow te city’s portion of the cemetery.  The Mayor instructed the city clerk to get a bid for comparison.