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Fire Department Painting Job Put On Hold


Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen approved a couple of purchases during its regularly scheduled meeting on May 27.

However, there are still some contingencies to work through for one of those purchases – a bid for painting the Ste. Genevieve Volunteer Fire Department on Pine Street.

City administrator Happy Welch noted the board wanted to “ensure the contractor meets obligations” and the city is “protected.”

A bid notice for painting was published in an edition of the Herald, with a public opening at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 14.

Welch reported only one bid was received – from Ritter Painting Services, LLC, based in Ste. Genevieve – on Tuesday, May 11.

The winning bid was for $35,880 – under the budgeted improvement for the firehouse totaling $45,000.

As part of the bid, the exterior and training tower will be repainted.

However, besides the painting, sandblasting will need to be performed on metal beams and grates located in the training tower structure. This will ensure a “solid application” of the paint.

Still, Ward 2 Alderman Bob Donovan wanted additional scrutiny on the project, and there will be a contract drafted.

“I am worried about the liabilities,” Donovan said, noting past problems with painting projects in the city.

Welch reported in a text to the Herald, a contract has been drafted for the board to approve at its meeting slated for this Thursday.

City attorney Mark Bishop, who participated in the May 27 session through the Zoom teleconferening application, also will review the contract.

In the proposal from Ritter Painting LLC, the company submitted the specifications: Pressure washing, priming and two coats of finish on concrete blocks and structural steel (interior of the training tower), two coats of finish (exterior of firehouse and tower) and painting 10 exterior metal doors.

Other details include the removal of station lettering on the exterior of the building prior to painting beginning — and working with the sandblaster to show “areas of concern” on the structure itself.

Elected officials also approved a cooperative purchase bid from Flieg’s Equipment of Ste. Genevieve for a Hustler brand mower to be used by both the park and street departments.

This is a 25hp, Diesel-powered, 72-inch deck mower, at a cost of $13,900.


The board unanimously approved bill No. 4431, an ordinance amending the city of Ste. Genevieve municipal code of ordinances, Chapter 405 (Zoning Regulations).

Many of the changes centered around mobile home replacement – which was a hot-button issue last fall – and sign ordinances based on regulations set forth from the United States Supreme Court.

Definitions concerning banner signs and temporary signs have been changed to indicate the type of allowable materials.

The display of such signs will be limited to no more than 18 square feet in gross surface area in residential zones, and 64 feet in all other zones (commercial and industrial). Signs also must be no greater than five feet above ground.

These types of signs can’t be displayed for more than 60 consecutive days, nor more than 120 total days during a calendar year.

Under the replacement of a non-conforming mobile home or trailer, an improved unit must have been manufactured no more than 10 years prior to the application of said replacement.

That essentially means the mobile home must be from 2011 or newer. Replacement of the unit also must take place within six months of receiving the initial application.