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Park Funding Remains Front-Burner Issue


Fundraising continues to be on the front burner at Ste. Genevieve Parks and Recreation board meetings.

That’s after Wendy Dyer, a funding development consultant based in St. Louis, backed out of possibly providing her services.

There originally was to have been a Zoom teleconference between Dyer and park board members on Monday, May, 10, but that never materialized.

That has forced the park board to shift its fundraising focus.

During the meeting, board member Barbara Basler-Peterson handed out a spreadsheet with rough totals.

The Herald didn’t receive this spreadsheet because the board deemed the numbers “too preliminary” in nature.

The park board has discussed plans with city administrator Happy Welch and planners Nick and Mary Donze, who came up with a 50-page plus master plan for Pere Marquette last year.

The board discussed whether to implement a fundraising campaign in one fell swoop, as Dyer suggested in April.

That means the scope for fundraising efforts are being examined in all facets, including details ranging from matching benches to park maintenance.

Another example, is a walking trail in Marquette Park the best choice when a something similar could possibly be a better fit for Pinkley Park since it’s smaller and less hilly?

Board members agreed transparency with the public is needed, and that they will need help writing a letter for its future fundraising campaign.

Basler-Peterson wondered if it would be a good idea to “tap into resources with national corporations” for the project here.

Board member John Karel thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of consulting firms and ask for proposals before deciding on a company.

The board will seek out Nick and Mary Donze for assistance in coming up with a list of possibly 5-10 firms.