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Road District Awards Contract

From staff reports

Jokerst, Inc., turned in the lowest bid for  four paving jobs Special Road District A plans to do this summer.

The bid opening was held for the asphalt/overlay projects during the district board’s April 13 meeting.

The projects include asphalting the remaining 8/10 mile of the gravel section  of Sugar Bottom Road; overlaying approximately 4/10 of a mile of Zell Road, from the Zell Country Club entrance to the railroad tracks; beginning at State Route B on Copper Mines Road and overlaying the existing asphalt approximately 3/10 of a mile and from the end of the asphalt to the creek 1/10 of a mile of gravel; and overlaying approximately 1.1 miles of Lime Kiln Road, beginning at State Route A.

For Sugar Bottom,  Vern Bauman Contracting bid $57.74 per ton of asphalt, while Jokerst bid $57.00 per ton.

For Zell Road, Bauman bid $63.58 per ton and Jokerst $58.20.

For Copper Mines, Bauman bid $61.97 per ton and Jokerst $57.50 per ton.

Finally, for Lime Kiln Road, the Bauman bid was $58.25 per ton ad the Jokerst bid $57.50 per ton.

The contract was awarded to Jokerst, Inc.

Work could start within the next three weeks or so.

Road foreman Paul Bauman reported that his crew had been prepping Sugar Bottom Road for asphalt, hauling in rock for the base, plus maintaining the gravel roads, ditch cleaning and cutting down old trees.  He noted that there is a large tree on Quarry Town Road that he has requested Bill Fischer to cut down, stating that it would be too much for his crew to handle. He said the road crew has also been working out on Quarry Hills Road with Vern Bauman’s equipment and operator to move a ditch and widen a section of the road some.  Eventually he will line it with stone to prevent it from washing.   Bauman also reported that the PTO on the 2008 tandem has been leaking and have been making those repairs and advised that he recently ordered the new trailer from Erb Equipment Company.

Chairman Paul Arnold reported that he contacted Brian Okenfuss, area engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), concerning Leroy Drive. Okenfuss provided documentation of prior agreements made between MoDOT and the County Commission signed off on in 1968. Okenfuss advised that MoDOT built the county road and still owns the right of way. However upon the completion of the project, the county accepted all maintenance responsibility of this road.  Arnold reported that he spoke with the County Commission and there may possibly be future funding available for this and will keep the district informed.