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Lawrenceton Cutoff Project Needs To Be Done


Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson stressed to road and bridge foreman Scott Schmieder that the entire Lawrenceton Cutoff Road project needs to be started and completed before asphalt prices start rising.

While he doesn’t expect problems getting the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) permit to do the intersection of Highway Y and Roth Road (which turns into Lawrenceton Cutoff Road), Nelson suggested having “a back-up plan.”

That could include starting on the Highway C side of the bridge to pave.

According to the MoDOT  Asphalt Price Indexing, the price of asphalt per liquid tonnage could jump by nearly 10 percent from April to May and another 25 percent from May to June.

“Time is of the essence,” Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka said.

There will also be the issue of shutting down  the road while the work is going on. While visiting Lawrenceton Cutoff Road with representatives of Vern Bauman Contracting and Jokerst, Inc., the commissioners witnessed several loaded dump trucks driving briskly over the road from a nearby quarry.

Shutting the road down will be necessary to prevent the freshly-laid asphalt from being damaged, but will be unpopular with many.

“It won’t be pretty,” Nelson said.

“We don’t want the road ruined by a bunch of heavy trucks,” First District Commissioner Karen Stuppy said.

On the intersection with Highway Y, it was agreed that 2 1/2  to 2-inch-minus rock should be used to prep it.

It was also noted that MoDOT will probably have personnel on hand to observe at least part of the project.


Schmieder also reported that the department’s skid steer  that had broken down was “back up and running” at least for the moment.

He had reported at the Monday meeting that it had been a broken wire in the harness.

He said  driveway pipes had been picked up for installation under driveways where they had been requested.

Schmieder said he had detected a wet spot on Field Road. He thinks adding a drainage pipe should help.

Gillespie Road was also discussed. It has been on the county’s list of roads to be paved. Nelson said a resident had called earlier in the week, asking about its paving.