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Bloomsdale, Cochran Sign Pact


Bloomsdale aldermen voted to enter into a five-year supervised program of water system improvements with Cochran Engineering for $26,500 at their Feb. 8 meeting.

David Van Leer of Cochran Engineering explained that he had met with city water plant supervisor John Lurk and city clerk Lynnette Randoll, to get an idea of what the city wanted.

“That’s essentially a specific type of water study that allows us to identify projects to be done, within the report,” Van Leer said. “Once that report is approved by DNR (the Missouri Department of Natural Resources) … once that permit is approved, you are allowed to do additional projects without additional permits from DNR.”

Van Leer said that Cochran had done a similar study for both the city of Ste. Genevieve and for Public Water Supply District No. 1.

“I think, from what I’m hearing from you guys, this would be the best path for you,” he said.

It would include a  full evaluation of the city’s water and wastewater system, much of which is original from the city’s incorporation in 1963. Van Leer said the focus would be on distribution.

Mayor Paul Monia said that he had initially thought distribution should get the focus. However, he has also become concerned with the issue of water storage and thinks it should be addressed, as well.

“The distribution is definitely the key focus  for me,” Monia said. “However, additional storage is something I’m very interested in.”

The question came up of whether the additional storage – either in a tower or a  stand pipe – would be located by the water plant. Either way, city growth has the mayor concerned about  supply as well as distribution.

“We’re getting big enough as a city that there’s just not a lot of capacity there,” Monia said. “And we’re putting in larger lines. I’ve seen a main break wreak havoc on that tank in a very short period of time. And that puts everybody down and out. My concern is trying to have additional storage on this side because I always fear the church, the school, the hospital (Bloomsdale Medical Clinic), tensuring that  they’ve got water to the best of our ability.”

Van Leer told the board what his goal for the survey was.

“We would identify projects to be completed, put a cost to those projects, prioritize those projects, and come up with a mechanism of how to pay for the projects. That’s really the end game we’re trying to get to, here,” he said.

Van Leer argued that a “supervised” program was beneficial because the DNR permitting process is streamlined. After the initial approval of the overall plan, each individual project within it may begin without another round of cumbersome paperwork and red tape.

“It allows you to move quicker on projects,” he said. “Permitting with the DNR typically takes 30 to 45 days, sometimes 60 work days. This typically allows you to skip this process.”

Detailed engineering drawings will still be needed for each individual project in the plan, but they will not need separate permitting, Van Leer clarified.


The aldermen also passed an ordinance that puts a proposed election ordinance change on the April 6 ballot.

Voters will get to vote whether to allow the city to not hold elections when there are no more candidates than positions being sought.

In other words, if two board of aldermen positions are open and only one candidate files for each position, the city not have to hold the election. This would save considerable money.

The measure would be good for six years, then would have to be brought before the voters in 2027 for renewal.


Art Noroian spoke to the board, telling them of his plans to open an equipment sales business in a partial building near Love’s.

Noroian said he is waiting on his Missouri dealership license. He currently is operating in California. He explained  he has been a friend of the property owner, Cletus Stratman, for many years.

The business will sell heavy equipment, busses and more. His current business, Consignment Auction Group, is a wholesale dealer for cars pickups, SUVs, buses, semis, over-the-road trucks and trailers.