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TTC, TAC Consider Changes


The Ste. Genevieve Tourism Tax Commission (TTC) had not just one, but two meetings this week to discuss three different print projects.

During Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting, it was determined not enough bids or information had been received to make a decision on printing.

For the record, the Herald was part of the bidding process for both 4×9-inch event cards and a 4×9-inch glossy rack card.

Several companies were also involved in providing print services regarding downtown guides, which could either be tri-fold color or two-sided.

Midwest Marketing, a commercial printer based in Bloomsdale, was not a part of the original bid process — which forced the commission to conduct a special meeting on Friday afternoon at City Hall.

In the end, Midwest Marketing was approved for the event cards, with four colors on both sides. The company will print 10,000 of them for $545.

For the 4×9 rack cards, of high quality, CTM Media of Overland was chosen to print 25,000 units at a cost of $751.

The cards would be delivered to CTM’s warehouse in St. Louis, with Carrig picking them up for local and regional distribution.

For the tri-fold downtown map and guide – the Washington Missourian newspaper was chosen to print 7,500 at a cost of $935.82, with free delivery.

“This would carry us (the tourism office) through much of the year,” Carrig noted.

The Washington Missourian also serves as the printing vendor for the Herald.

The event card will feature both a color graphic and color image from the Revolutionary War exhibit at the downtown Centre for French Colonial Life. These cards also can potentially be placed on hotel racks.


City administrator Happy Welch was present at both the TTC and Tourism Advisory Council (TAC) meetings.

Welch gave a presentation on possible TAC and TTC bylaw changes, which led to candid discussions on the matter.

In other locations in Missouri, boards sometimes provide funding for tourism-related activities, which often incentivize people into visiting your community.

Welch said he thinks sponsoring events would “help get the commission’s name out” to the general public.

Also, there’s an opportunity to “streamline” the functions of both entities.

“I think this is a good start,” said TTC chairman Mike Fallert, “I appreciate it (Welch’s work on possible changes to the bylaw language).”

Board member Jack Koetting said he thinks streamlining the boards would be a good move, and Dee Patel also indicated she would be open potential changes.

There also was discussion regarding the frequency of meetings, as well as receiving more public input.

It’s noted, by simply looking at the agenda, there is a comment period allotted during TAC meetings. However, there’s no such time block during TTC sessions.

During this most recent meeting, there were no public comments at all.


Carrig, at the TAC meetin,g related a story regarding the power of social media.

A blogger on Friday, Jan. 15 from the website, Fun 4 STL Kids, posted on Facebook about the new Ste. Genevieve Museum Learning Center located on Market Street.

The Facebook post extolled the virtues of a visit to the learning center, including dinosaur models, a replica of an Aztec temple, dinosaur eggs and incubators (actual props from one of the Jurassic Park movies) — and more.

Thanks in part to the Facebook post, there were more than 500 visitors to the learning center for the period from Friday through Sunday, Jan. 15-17.

The post contained nearly 20 photos from what’s inside the facility, which received more than 1,200 likes and 2,500 comments and greater than 5,600 shares.