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Former St Mary Alderman Clyde Cassoutt Dies At 74

Former St. Mary city Alderman Clyde J. Cassoutt, Sr. died Jan. 16 at St. Louis University Hospital at age 74.

Cassoutt, who had previously managed the city’s water and wastewater plants for several years, first entered local politics in 2008, when he ran unsuccessfully for the Ward 1 aldermanic seat.

Two years later, in 2010, he was elected to his first term as alderman.  In 2012, he was reelected, beating challenger Samantha AuBuchon and again in 2014, defeating Roger Odem.

In 2016, he and challenger Brian Helm finished in a 9-9 tie. According to state statute, a random drawing was planned with both names placed in a hat. Helm however, opted not to participate, ceding the election to Cassoutt.

In 2018, Helms defeated Cassoutt for the position. Cassoutt regained it in April 2020, defeating Adam Bequette for the position.

Cassoutt resigned in August, citing health issues.