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Special Road District A Considers 2021 Overlaying Priorities

By mark Evans

Special Road District A board members discussed which roads to possibly overlay in 2021 at their final meeting of 2020, on Dec. 8.

It was agreed that an 8/10 of a mile stretch on Sugar Bottom Road was definitely one to do.

“We could knock that out,” chairman Paul Arnold said.

Board member Joe Fallert wondered how much traffic uses the road.

Road foreman Paul Bauman replied that it’s “probably more than you think.”It would likely be the only gravel section paved. Some overlay work will also be done.

In his foreman’s report , Bauman said his crew had been filling cracks before bad weather hit. He said he anticipated them returning to that for later last week. They will  also be grading roads.

Batman reported the 100 feet of guard rail was installed on Gisi Road.

He said not much mowing had been done in November, since the crew was busy with other things.

“We’ve just got a coupe of more roads we’ve got to take thew boom mower across,” Bauman said.

They also worked on building a stand for the new spreader bed recently received from Viking-Cives Midwest out of Morley Missouri. Bauman had noted at the November meeting this building a  stand would be much less expensive than buying a new one. The old spreader bed and stand were listed on Purple Waves Auction website. 


Board secretary Cindy Kertz went over the  budget with the board. She noted that a few areas had gone over budget “just a tad.” One was office supplies which an update to the district’s QuiBooks software caused to go over.

Bauman brought up tires. He said Mueller Tire personnel told him it might be difficult to get later in the winter, leading him to go ahead and place an order.

“Come the end of winter or next spring, the oldest tandem is going to need eight of them in the back,” Bauman said. “I went ahead and ordered them. He didn’t know when they would get them.”

He said the tires are being stored at the shop until needed.

Arnold suggested that the other tires could be purchased after the first of the year and go on the 2021 budget.

In fact, invoices for the tires bought toward the end of the year may not even arrive until January, Kertz said.

Bauman estimated that it will cost close to $6,000 for the two trucks.

“We’ll just take sure our budget next year is a lot higher for tires,” Arnold said.

The new spreader bed had also not been anticipated a year ago, causing “equipment” to go over the anticipated budget.

“I guess we just need to decide if we’re going to buy any equipment next year,” Arnold said. “You’d probably like a new trailer and new skid steer next year.”

Bauman said a new trailer would be nice in 2021, but said the skid steer would be fine for another year.

“Truthfully, we’re sitting pretty good on equipment,” he said.

Health insurance premiums are increasing by about 3 percent. Kertz called it “not bad.”


It was agreed that priorities for 2021 overlays will be ironed out at a later meeting.

Batman said a section on Zell Road from highway 32 to the golf club entrance will need it.

“By the end of winter, that should be a section that’s getting some pretty bad spots in it,” Bauman said.