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Levee 3 Board Passes Resolution For Fish, Wildlife


Ste. Genevieve County Levee Board District No. 3 approved a resolution during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

It’s another step toward the levee board conveying property to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

The resolution (No. 20-01) covers operation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation for the urban design levee.

Ste. Genevieve city administrator Happy Welch told the Herald the United States Corps of Engineers wanted an official document in writing — covering the area as well as maintenance of signs at the future wildlife refuge.

Welch reported the city will pay for the signage, which will provide tourists information on local fish and birds.

It was basically a general housekeeping measure, and it was approved, 3-0, with board members Rob Eck and Philip Loida absent.

Eck was set to participate in the meeting; however, he left the building when told he would be required to wear a mask during the proceedings.

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, elected officials and board appointees have been wearing face coverings during meetings inside Ste. Genevieve City Hall.

Three attempts to reach Eck by phone, requesting his reason for not participating in the meeting, were unsuccessful.

Eck also was given the option of returning home to be a part of the meeting via the Zoom teleconferencing application. However, no one including Eck took advantage of attending the meeting through Zoom.

Loida was absent, but he was still a prominent part of the meeting.

The levee district voted 3-0 to appoint Loida for a full five-year term. Recently, he completed a term vacated when Carl Wehner resigned from the board.


• During new business, levee superintendent Norman Gallup told the board he went out for quotes for improvements at the trash rake.

The board approved $2,165, through Ste. Genevieve Tool and Molding, to replace three sections of rails at the trash rake.

They also approved $1,300 to build a platform underneath a ladder, which is located near an important electrical panel.

Gallup also will purchase additional lanyards., and he’ll also be replacing solder pins on a flapgate.

• The board approved a check totaling $6,030 for Rick Naeger, who has been performing maintenance at the levee using a brush hog.

New grass seed was planted, and it’s sprouting, Gallup reported.

“It looks better now than it ever did,” he said.

However, a new retaining wall near the intake was covered with thick mud stemming from heavy rains the area received in November.

• The big ticket item paying bills was for $111,680.40, paid to Vern Bauman Contracting for the debris removal.