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Bloomsdale Aldermen Approve Bid For Water Main Connection


Bloomsdale aldermen approved a $5,330 bid by CE Construction to connect property owned by Gail and Steve Zoellner on Clement Road with the city water main at their Nov. 10 meeting.

The Zoellners had spoken to the board back in February, outlining plans to building new rental duplexes. Five buildings, with a total of 10 rental units, will be built over time, it was announced in February. Mayor Paul Monia said the street will not have to be cut into.

The meeting, which lasted barely half an hour, also saw the board meet with two potential contractors for the city’s upcoming water main project.

The project will be done in phases, Monia said. A third contractor is expected to attend the December meeting.



Handrail repair and replacement also came up.

“They’re way worse that I realized,” Monia said. “When you walk up the hill … by one rotor, one railing “is trashed.”

“I want to attach it as strong or stronger than it currently is,” Monia said.

He also favors going with steel, unlike the aluminum hand rails around the new Rotor No. 2.

Ward 2 Alderman Brandon Shortt agreed, noting that the steel would cost about 30 percent as much as aluminum.


• Complaints were received about an individual selling meat in the city without a license. Monia said it would be stopped.

• Monia noted that when grant money was received for the original water system, the city “had to follow some pretty stringent guidelines until that was paid off. One was how you are billed for sewer.” “That no longer hangs over our head,” he added.

• Sludge has been removed from the wastewater plant. It will probably have to be removed twice a year now. 

• The board agreed to pay a $2,404 for an injury to a wastewater plant worker. They also discussed means of protecting the city from further injury claims.