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Stuppy Seeks Compensation For Levee No. 3 Bookkeeping


Ste. Genevieve County Collector Claudia Stuppy spoke to Levee District No. 3 board members during the public participation portion of Tuesday’s meeting.

Stuppy is seeking compensation for her staff – in the form of $500 for two employees – for a bookkeeping reconciliation procedure.

Stuppy said there are 2,330 accounts her office goes through, one by one, and pulls certain fields of information with Husch Blackwell’s office.

Husch Blackwell is a national legal firm that performs tax work on behalf of the district.

Stuppy said the process begins in July and ends in September, with about 40 hours spent on reconciliation. This is “additional work” for the district.

Levee board president Vern Bauman asked if any other entities pay extra, and Stuppy reported Levee District No. 2 does.

Ste. Genevieve city administrator Happy Welch asked if Stuppy’s commission needs to be adjusted.

New levee board member Phillip Loida wondered if a contract needs to be created between the county and district.

He asked for additional clarification on why tax bills are not matching between the county and Husch Blackwell.

Stuppy said she will provide additional information to board member Sue Schweiss, and this topic is expected to be revisited at a future board meeting — maybe as early as November.


Levee superintendent Norman Gallup noted the culvert expansion project has been completed — with an additional $10,000 added to the ditch diversion contract.