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Special Road District A Tries To Wrap Up Projects

By Mark Evans

Special Road District A will try to get a little more work accomplished before the weather changes this fall.

Road foreman Paul Bauman reported that Vern Bauman Contracting was about to begin work on two of the overlay projects – short sections of Kreitler Road and Eisenbeis Road.

What else can be done will depend on weather and especially on money.

Bauman asked chairman Paul
Arnold whether additional overlaying was on hold.

“I’d like to do a little more this fall,” Arnold said.

“Whatever we do, it would be nice to go through and replace whatever pipes need to be replaced before we overlay it,” Bauman said.

“We would have enough money to do a little bit more this fall,” Arnold said. Secretary Cindy Kertz said she would call County Treasurer Sarah Hoog to see when road tax revenue money might be expected, and how soon. May and August tax money has not yet been received. She explained that the county’s computer system had crashed, causing things to have to be calculated manually.

“It would be nice to know about what we might get,” Arnold said.

Hoog later returned Kertz’s call and explained that courthouse personnel is having to manually renew everything done since May 27.

“There’s revenue going in and there’s expenses going in and everyone’s inputting things according to what they’re doing,” Hoog explained. “Until all that gets caught up to baing on the current date we’re already on,I don’t know the percentage to base your share off of because that’s all being rebuilt.”

She said a specific formula is used, but total expenses for road and bridge will be needed.

“I’m going to have to catch everybody up,” Hoog said.

After catching up on figures, Hoog said she will need to cut the district three separate checks to catch it up. She stressed that no other entities have gotten their money, either.

Hoog said she didn’t know how soon she would be able to do this.

The board discussed doing more crack-sealing on some roads that will eventually need overlaying..