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Absentee Results

Absentee ballots tonight showed 166 Democratic ballots filled out, compared[to 134 Republican ballots.

In the District 116 State Representative race, incumbent Dale Wright had 63 votes (55.75%) to 50 for challenger Bryant Wolfin (44.25%) in absentee ballots.

Meanwhile, Don Kuehn held a 41-33 (55.41 to 44.59%) edge over Randy Ruzicka in the Republican Second District County Commissioner race.

On the Democratic side, Tony Ritter led Micah Rousey 55-40, or 57.89% to 42.11% in the absentee vote.

For First District County Commissioner (Democratic party), Karen Stuppy  led incumbent Randy Bahr 42-22, or 65.62% to 34.38% in absentee votes.

Finally, in the State Senate District 3 Republican race, Joshua Barrett topped Elaine Gannon and Kent Scism 50 to 37 (for Gannon) to 33 in absentee voting.