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New Ste. Genevieve Elementary Leadership Team Announced

Ste. Genevieve R-II School District recently announced Ste. Genevieve Elementary’s new administrative team, principal Nanya Gegg and assistant principal Nathan Kingery.

Both  Gegg and  Kingery have been members of the Ste. Genevieve R-II family for several years, both working as educators in the elementary schools.  Gegg was chosen for Ste. Genevieve Elementary’s principal position for this upcoming year, after spending five years in the assistant principal position.  Kingery is taking his first position as an administrator, after teaching music in the district for 10 years.

Throughout her educational career,  Gegg has built a wealth of knowledge through her experiences as an assistant principal and as a classroom teacher, including time she spent working with at-risk students. Her approach to building management is always student-centered, and she prioritizes communication to and among faculty and staff in order to facilitate a clear and open work environment.

And whether it was through  Kingery’s music program or his work with high school percussion students, his dedication is centered on student learning. With an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge and supporting student progress,  Kingery brings with him an ability to build relationships through learning.

“As a leadership team, we know that  Gegg and  Kingery will steadily guide Ste. Genevieve Elementary while continuing the school’s focus on meeting the needs of its students and fostering a safe and fun learning environment,” Dr. Flieg said. “We could not be more excited to have these two SG R-II educators in these roles, and we congratulate them on their new positions.”