Ste. Genevieve Middle School Recognizes Students’ Achievements

Even though the Ste. Genevieve R-II School District was unable to celebrate its students’ academic successes at the Ste. Genevieve Middle School Awards Assembly, the district announced the honors claimed by students listed below during the 2019-20 school year:
Sixth Grade
Alexander Basler — Discovering FACS, physical education, science.
Damon Brooks — Reading.
Jason Engel — Reading.
Luke Ferranto — American history I, physical education, science.
Kennedi Fischer — Discovering FACS, language arts.
Sophie Garcia — Science.
Gavin Gegg — Math, reading, science.
Connor Grass — American history I.
Tylin Hager — Language arts, science.
Carter Hogenmiller — Choir.
Ethan Huff — Math, reading.
Olivia Kirchner — Reading.
Miah Klein — Language arts.
Coleton Lacey — American history I, study skills.
Allison Loudenback — Choir.
Marlena Lueken — Language arts, math, science.
Eleanor McKlin — American history I, art 6, language arts, math, physical education.
Isaiah Messer — Language arts.
McKenna Pollock — Choir.
Hunter Reyering — SOAR.
Lillian Schwent — Reading.
Paul Taylor — American history I, physical education, reading.
Jacob Warren — Art 6, choir.
Madden Wolk — American history I, language arts, physical education, science.
Abigail Woodard — American history I.
Seventh Grade
Libby Adams — Design.
Hannah Ahrens — FACS I.
Owen Bauman — SOAR.
Clinton Beasley — Language arts.
Abby Boyer — Art I.
Kennedy Buatte — American History II, drama, language arts, physical education.
Kale Clements — American History II, language arts.
Savannah DeRousse — Keyboarding apps.
Owen Drury — Physical education.
Ava Greer — Keyboarding apps.
Sadie Greminger — Science.
Kailynn Harmon — American history II, language arts.
Madison Henson — Science.
Lillian Holman — Math.
Ava Huber — Physical education.
Jeremiah Kunz — Business comm, current events, math, science.
Olivia Klump — Math.
Katlynn Lay — Science.
Shania Leach — Advanced choir.
Aidan Lewis — Language Arts
Connor Lutman — SOAR
Kaleb McDonald — Language Arts
Drew Merriman — Art I/II.
Wyatt Palmer — Physical education.
Patrick Rhinehart — Art I.
Jayden Rickman — Keyboarding apps, language arts.
Mallory Rottler — Keyboarding apps, science.
Mason Ruch — American history II.
Heidi Schmelzle — Science.
Chloe Staffen — Art I, physical education.
Chase Stell — American history I, discovering Europe.
Braxton Stomberg — Physical education.
Sophia Vogt — Reading.
Bennett Walls — American history II, language arts.
Evan Winters — Physical education, science.
Ayelyn Yochim — American history II, keyboarding apps, language arts.
Eighth Grade
Kiaira Asher — Physical education.
Adriana Bennett — Language arts, science, world history.
Kaelyn Boyer — Intro to French I/II, math.
Kennedy Buatte — FACS I.
Sophia DeRousse — Language arts, world history.
Aden Eisenbeis — Math.
Jack Farlow — Math.
Alex Fleeman — Physical education.
Abigail Gibson — German I, math.
Alissa Grass — Algebra, FACS II.
Tessa Hager — Language arts.
Shaylin Hampton — Language arts.
Nicholas Henderson — German I.
Cole Herzog — Math.
Hawthorne Jokerst — Intro to French I/II, language arts.
Ona Lightle — Math, social studies.
Dalton McBride — Physical education.
Gwen McKlin — Language arts.
Jon Merklin — Advanced choir.
Adam Oder — Science, reading.
Selene Raney — Science.
Landon Rottler — Spanish I, world history.
Elaina Schemel — FACS II.
Hope Schmelzle — Art II.
Sara Schmieder — Math, physical education, world history.
Evan Schweiss — Science.
Bryant Schwent — Exploring tech II, world history.
Alexis Slape — Science.
Trey Smith — Science, SOAR.
Koltyn Stemler — Design.
Kaleb Wilson — Reading.
Hannah Woodruff — Language arts.
Penny Yang — Language arts, world history.
(Information in a news release from the Ste. Genevieve R-II School District.)

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