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Herald Introduces Polls On Website

The Ste. Genevieve Herald this week is adding polls to its website, giving readers a chance to weigh in on local issues.

Originally, the Herald was going to conduct a poll in conjunction with the Jour de Fete Committee this month to get feedback on whether the event should take place. However, the committee is continuing internal discussions, and that survey has been delayed at this time.

On a similar note, we are asking for your opinion on whether the River Rapids Waterpark should open this month, as has been discussed at recent County Commission meetings.

Cast your vote on the right side of our homepage.

Online polls are not scientific.

Readers may also weigh in with opinions anonymously via an email or text message to

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  1. Anonymous on July 15, 2020 at 10:58 am

    There is online education for students thats is solid and good, the risk is not to children but to those they MAY come in contact with. I would delay opening till jan and go thru summer as regular school year to possibly wait for Trump’s often professed vaccine. The main argument is economic..and parents need to work as the main support defense…Why cant our elected officials offer solutions to this and not just political positions. Yes, this virus has caused businesses and people economic hardship…but the answer is not opening for the sake of economics. if we need to have our children in school so or parents can work …then our elected officials need to address free child care. Instead, out politicians lead by Jason Smith (a yes person for Trump) need to address child care..even before the virus it has been an issue. Giving childcare that is cost effective or the answer… if your talking about business and jobs think about the expansion of businesses and needed employees in this it also gives us safety from possibly children carrying it home to older individuals. Stop political spin address issues..not just give soundbites.

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